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beeping sound, maybe after mse uninstall

Asked by Jack-C on 11/23/2013 at 9:58 AM

Like many "beep plagued" users, I have, of course, searched the internet, and there are lots of specific scenarios addressed. But what I need is some overview of how to troubleshoot this problem.

My system: Windows 7 ultimate 64, ASUS P9X79-DELUXE, Intel i7 3930K, 24GB RAM (home built about a year ago)

No new changes in the system except for uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials. Disappointingly, it wouldn't uninstall the easy way, and I had to try to search for obscure registry entries and delete them. I also ran the mseremoval.bat program, located here:

Actually I went through the whole litany as also outlined here:

So I suspect something in this complex task caused some issue which is now producing my "beep" issue. Details follow:

The beep is more or less every 10 seconds. It comes in a series of two slightly different sounds: da-DAH, and DAH-da, sort of a sequence of two.

I've looked in Device manager, checked all the USB connections, etc. The sound comes both through the speakers and with headphones bypassing the speakers.

I guess you'll tell me to go back to do a restore point before I  messed with the mse installation. But won't that put me back where I started?

Many thanks for any suggestions.



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