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Windows 8.1 update does not complete.

Asked by IvanWuljahorodsky on 10/20/2013 at 8:38 AM
I have tried to update my Windows 8 Pro 64bit to windows 8.1.
The update downlods from windows store and installs ok.
The problem is when my pc reboots and Windows 8.1 changes the settings.
First of all its says "Setting Up PC" which completes after about an hour.
Secondly it says "Setting Up Devices" which completes in about 4 hours.
Lastly it says "Setting Up Other Things" and it gets to 84% and never proceeds any further. The only way I can stop the installation is by pressing the pc power button. When I restsrat my pc it restores windows 8 but it fails to start and I have to then restore the last restore point using the Windows 8 DVD.
I have tried to update three times the first time I left my pc running with 84% complete message for 2 hours, the second time 5 hours and the third time 9 hours and still the update did not complete.

I have used the compatibility checker and I get 11 application that are incompatible.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get the update to complete and not stop at 84% of Setting Up Other Things?