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Eclipse and Cassandra

Asked by H2oNinja on 09/08/2012 at 8:56 AM

I've searched various websites for instructions on how to link 'Cassandra' and 'Eclipse' and followed directions to the last detail in several sites. For some reason, while using Git Bash, I cant get through the 'ant build', via instruction in said mentioned locations across the web.

In some location's its easy, just make sure you have; 1. Apache Cassandra source 2. Apache Ant 3. Git

So, yeah I've downloaded all the above, tried the same directory, different directories, etc., although still unable to get past the middle step of 'ant build'.

Here are a few websites I've used to muddle through setting up the Src code for both utilities, 'Eclipse' and 'Cassandra'.

both resulting in an immediate halt at the 'ant build'.

any insights are information is greatly appreciated.

Thank-you, Ryan

PS, I would be glad to upload a screenshot of my results if necessary.

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