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Updates KB2656351 and KB2487367 keep installing

Asked by StormeCrow on 09/08/2012 at 12:29 AM
Win XP, .NetFramework 2.0 Service Pack, .NetFramework 3.0 Service Pack 2,  .NetFramework 3.5 SPI,  .NetFramework 4 Client Profile, .NetFramework 4 Extended. 

Updates KB2656351 and  KB2487367 - both repeatedly update and have been doing so for the last few months.

According to the Microsoft Update site, in 'Review Your Update History', it says both files were, in fact, successfully installed, yet whether I update via there, or via 'automatic updates', the same two files repeatedly install.

I can't help but feel that because I'm not able to get past these two files, I'm not receiving other, more recent updates, which someone suggested to me could well be the cause of my increasingly slow internet speeds.

The link at .NET FRAMEWORK 4 fails installation with "Generic Trust Failure" Error 0x800b010e wasn't at all helpful.

Am I missing a .NetFramework file, or is there genuinely a problem that isn't being adequately addressed?


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