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Slipstream Windows 8.1 Update to Windows 8

Asked by MikeCramer_741 on 09/10/2013 at 5:39 PM

So now that Windows 8.1 is final and is a free upgrade for customers of Windows 8. I'm wondering what the process will be to install Windows 8.1 to a fresh machine without going through the 8 -> 8.1 Windows Update Process? Essentially, I'd like to build my machine with 8.1 freshly.


This also applies to my Surface Pro, but for the sake of argument, let's begin with my desktop:


Scenario 1


I purchased Windows 8 Professional System Builder for my desktop PC. I would like to reinstall my PC with Windows 8.1 due to problems I'm having on my Windows 8 installation? (I've been holding out until 8.1's availability to resolve these issues).


Option A


Reinstall Windows 8 using the Windows 8 System Builder Key and then use Windows Update to "upgrade" to 8.1.


Option B


Use DISM to integrate the Windows 8.1 Update into the Windows 8 image, thereby installing the 8.1 update at install time.


Option C


Go out and purchase Windows 8.1 System Builder just as I have done for Windows 8 and have a fully integrated DVD ready for reinstallation.


Option D


Have Microsoft provide a fully integrated Windows 8.1 System Builder ISO that can use the existing Windows 8 keys for installation. Downloadable for free online.


So moving on to my Surface Pro...




I installed the 8.1 Preview on my Surface Pro and 'upgraded' from the existing Windows 8. I would like to completely crush and rebuild my Surface Pro with a 'factory' restore and recovery partition that houses 8.1 and a full install of 8.1. My understanding is that either the Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 (whichever device you wish to acknowledge at this point) will have this pre-packaged from Microsoft. How then, shall I reproduce this on my already existing product?


Option A


The Surface Pro team releases some sort of special edition ISO that can be used to completely crush and start fresh on the Surface Pro device. As of currently, the Windows 8.1 MSDN/TechNet editions do not leverage the UEFI Firmware key of the device itself, and therefore is not suitable for installation.


Option B


Perform a refresh/reload of my Surface Pro back to factory settings, and then 'upgrade' to the final 8.1 upon availability. Is this even possible? Did the 8.1 preview overwrite the recovery partition?


Option C


Take to Microsoft Store and have them image over the device with a factory image?


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