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git cherry-pick picks too much

Asked by Bertram Nudelbach on 08/29/2013 at 2:01 PM

Has anybody else figured out strange behavior of git cherry-pick?

I have a big repository and just cherry picked a commit from another branch. The cherry picking resulted in conflicts. Then when resolving the conflicts I saw that the cherry pick introduced changes that where not made by the commit I picked nor part of HEAD.

Could somebody please explain how git is working here? When does git pick more than the actual changes that where introduced by the commit to pick?

The file may diverged a lot in both branches..

My problem is less the current conflict but more that I might picked changes in the past that shouldn't come into that branch because git decided to introduce older changes too.

I'm sorry for the confusion, but by now I'm really confused and need help understanding what git did here..

So my main question is, should I worry about cherry picks that git didn't complain about? Can I be sure that git just picked the changes introduced by the commit to pick?

And the second question is: When does git put changes into the conflict state of the file that where neither part of the HEAD file nor part of the commit to pick.

Thanks in advance!

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