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Asked by dbailey18 on 08/15/2013 at 7:54 PM
Have two systems today both HP and running Windows 7 Home Premium that will not install this update all they both do after reboot is stick on "Preparing to configure Windows do not turn off your computer" with no progress of the installation being completed 40%,50% etc.  I am sitting next to one now that has been stuck on this screen for about 10 min. I had one earlier that took all but 2hrs to get straightened out after have to finally getting back into safe mode with command prompt which was a nightmare and luckily I had created a restore point for this update so I could make sure it did not get installed again which the computer came back to life ! Waited at least 1:45 minutes on that system What's up ? I hope to be able to get this second system back up because it is the wife's !  I hope someone has some sort of answer . Still waiting on the wife's system to complete . It has been about 20 min now still churning away !


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