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Elan Touchpad Disable Palmtracking

Asked by Desmond Fitzpatrick on 09/02/2012 at 7:30 PM
When I try to play a game that uses the keyboard keys and mouse I can't because when you press any key on the keyboard it locks the touch-pad mouse up for about 2 seconds then it unlocks it so I cant look and move at the same time. I've disabled this on another computer but that computer had a synaptics touch-pad on it (where you can disable it) while this one has something called an Elan Smart-Pad which has something called palm-tracking, but when you lower the palm-tracking on the Elan Smart-Pad it still locks the mouse up while you type. I can't turn it off and it's bugging me bad!

Here is a screen grab I just took of what it looks like:


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