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Windows XP Moviemaker: top half of videos are missing!

Asked by GaryMonro on 07/20/2013 at 1:00 PM

This is how the problem came about:


I dragged the WMV clip into Moviemaker and edited it. I saved the Project then clicked on the 'Save to my computer' option in Moviemaker. I accept the default value and Moviemaker did its thing.


The resulting video is lovely - except that only the bottom half of it actually shows. The sound is fine but the top half of the video is black. The clip plays perfectly well in Moviemaker itself - the full image is shown - but in Windows Media Player and RealPlayer you can only see the bottom half of the video as it plays. Even in the directory folder this clip is stored in the thumbnail image has a black top half.


I've successfully made dozens of clips in the past with Moviemaker so I suspect this is the result of some recent upgrade.


Does anybody have experience of this - or any ideas how I can remedy it? I need to get these videos made this weekend...


Thanks in advance.




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