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"Privacy Report" keeps popping out on Internet Explorer 11, windows 8.1

Asked by MistChen on 07/12/2013 at 7:00 AM

I'm here reporting a compatibility bug of IE 11 with Google Chrome Frame.

And before you reply any suggestion, please confirm that it works indeed on your Win 8.1 preview IE 11 with Google Chrome Frame enabled. Or else keep silent for saving your time and mine.

When enable Google Chrome Frame plugin in IE11, IE will automatically pops out the "Privacy Report" popup windows whenever it opens a website. Even if it is dismissed, it pops out again when IE open any website.
And in the content it reports none websites. Just the annoying pop up windows keeps jumping out. This means that no cookies have been blocked. I try every setting in "privacy" tab of internet options, and nothing changes.
The same Chrome Frame plugin was compatible with IE 10 on Windows 8, but when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 preview, this phenomenon  came. So I assume it is IE 11/ Win8.1 preview's fault, but not Google Chrome Frame.

My question will be that HOW to avoid the privacy report, while using Google Chrome Frame.
Please do not reply me with "disable GCF", "return to Win8" or any other bullshit.
A positive answer would be on how to make IE 11 in Win8.1 run as if it were IE 10 in Win8.
Or about how to disable "Privacy Report".

My reason for using GCF is the better font rendering. Fonts in IE is inhomogeneos, like sawtooths, far from smooth. You may turn to this page for more information on the poor font rendering in IE.

Thanks a lot.


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