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Unable to install Facebook Video Call Plugin in Windows 8 pro.

Asked by MIDHUN T on 07/09/2013 at 2:58 AM
 My Facebook Video call plugin installation bar disappears at a certain point of installation and I tried everything like,

>>This issue occurred after upgrading to windows 8
>>Tried to install the Facebook Video Call plugin again.
>>The installation bar disappeared (no error code) while installing.
>>Tried the same in Firefox, Internet Explorer (32, 64 bit), and Chrome.
>>Created another user account and the issue was still there.
>>I couldn't remove the plugin from control panel as it was not installed already.
>>I reseted all the browsers including IE.
>>I disabled all addons and add ins from all Browsers.
>>I ran internet explorer performance troubleshooter and the issue was still there.
>>Tried using both Modern UI Internet Explorer and desktop version.
>>I cleared all temp files and prefetch files.
>>I used CCleaner and removed all unwanted registry components.
>>The issue is still unresolved.
>>I ran the Facebook Video Call setup both in windows 7 and XP compatibility mode.

Now I am using Skype for Facebook video calling but I really need video call option in browser.
Please help me with this.
My system info - 
   Intel core i3 64bit processor, 6 GB RAM, Hp 2000/2120 tu laptop.

Please let me know if there is any registry fix or any other troubleshooting step, I am ready to do anything needed. 

Thank You...


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