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Windows Live mail won't stay online and won't display messages

Asked by LeeHauge on 07/06/2013 at 2:19 PM
My live mail has been working fine until a 4-5 days ago when the following two problems started
1.  It says working offline.  When I click the online button it says working online, but reverts to offline when I try to send a message or get new messages.  I can send and receive by clicking the send/receive button, but must repeatedly answer to "You are working offline do you want to go online.  after several times answering this and again clicking the send/receive it usually will get and or send messages.
2.  a couple days later, it stopped displaying message content.  The message pane is blank, and if I double click on the message in the list it replies that a problem has ocured, try again.  In the view group, I tried clicking various options in the reading pane, and sometimes have luck getting a message displayed, but it then reverts back to the above when I try to look at another message.


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