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'Cannot perform background Download of this content.'?

Asked on 06/25/2013 at 8:15 PM
I wanted to download NHL '13 off of my dad's PSN account onto my mom's house's ps3. I created another account on my ps3 and logged onto my dad's PSN account and went onto the PS store. I went into 'view downloads' and clicked on the arrow right next to the NHL '13 Full Game Unlock to download the game. It then says 'activating, please wait.' And then it loads up the bar to 100% and says '0 seconds left' and on the bottom it says 'cannot perform background download of this content'. It then loads up another screen saying 'install completed' and then I go I to the PS3 menu and the game is not there to be downloaded. How do I download this game? I need help... Thank you.


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