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Can I undo the upgrade to iOS 7 by restoring to iOS 6.1.3?

Asked by cbbcbail on 06/12/2013 at 6:38 PM

I recently attempted to follow this tutorial: to upgrade my device (iPhone 4) to iOS 7 without being a developer or registering a UDID.

I loaded and installed iOS 7 and got to the configuration screen. However efter attempting to go through the configuration process it says:

We’re unable to complete your activation. This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program. If you are a member of the Program, please register your device in the iPhone Developer Program Portal.

The problem is this is also what it says on iTunes so there is no way to access it from the computer.

How can I downgrade back to 6.1.3? I suppose I could register as a paid developer for iOS 7, but that involves forking over $99 and I'm not even sure I could revert to iOS 6 even then.

Additional Information:

  • I started with an unjailbroken iOS 6.1.3.

  • I downloaded iOS 7.0 CDMA for iPhone 4 from here:

  • I have Verizon

  • I Have the iOS 6.1.3 version for my iPhone downloaded from here: but I am unsure how I can restore from it because iTunes will not let me do anything because of the above mentioned message.

Update: I managed to entere recovery mode by pressing "power" for 3 seconds, "home" and power for 10 seconds, and just "home" until it had entered recovery mode. I have then begun to restore the phone which requires iOS 6.1.3 to download again through iTunes. Note that the first time you restore it may not work. Mine still booted to iOS 7 until I tried again.

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