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my office 2013 product key does not work

Asked by Michael J Myers on 05/24/2013 at 3:01 AM
I am trying to install Office 2013 on a new Lenovo W530 laptop running Windows 7.  I purchased Office 2013, and am told I need to do the following:
  • Go to
  • Enter your Product Key xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
  • Sign in with, or create a Microsoft account
  • Download your software

When I try this, I get "The Product Key entered was not recognized as a valid Product Key. Please check the characters entered and try again. If the card with your 25 character Office 2013 product key references a PC manufacturer, please use to download your new Office product"

I tried using three different browsers, and finally put Firefox into "safe mode".  No difference.  Same errors.

When I first started doing this, I went to
Originally, that was the webpage I tried to use (but getting the error message).
Something changed after half an hour -  I noticed that I was now being taken to   instead of   .........maybe someone was working on the server? 
  • I tried something else, to ask for help.
  • While on     I went to the top-right-corner and clicked on the link "Get Support". 
  • This takes me to a new page   with three large boxes, one for FAQ, one for Customer Support, and one for Get Started.
  • I click in the middle box, near the bottom where it says "Contact Support".
  • I get an error page "An error has occurred", with the message:  We are sorry but an error has occurred and we cannot setup your Office 365 account at this time. Please save the Product Key below and come back to and try again later. If you continue having problems, please contact support.
Something is quite mixed up.  I'm certainly not trying to install Office 365 !!!

I've tried this from two computers, using three different browsers.  I've tried it not logged into Microsoft, and while logged in.  I always get the error messages, regardless of whether I type in my Product Key by hand, or copy/paste.

Is there a support number I can call, to try to get the Microsoft Website to work properly?


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