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"WindowsUpdate_8024000E" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"

Asked by VickiSprowles on 05/09/2013 at 6:34 PM


  I'm a newbee at this sort of thing so please bear with me. I couldn't sign into one of my online bank accounts so I rang them and was told they had detected a virus on my laptop so they'd suspended my phone and internet banking. I have a firewall, anti-virus and keylogger so I didn't believe them and had them reinstate it then I checked my other accounts at another bank and found they had been hacked and well over $12k was gone in three transactions. The bank had me download a program called rapport.exe which runs in the background and in my IE browser it has put an icon that when I wish to protect a site I click on it and say yes which turns the icon green. The first time I ran it after installing it a box appeared saying something about zeus but I didn't get to read it as another box appeared on top of it telling me I had to restart my Win 7 HP 64 bit laptop which I did. I also did a full antivirus scan and deleted all threats. I had received no odd emails or sms or have any strange thing occur suddenly although my firewall kept alerting me that it had blocked offspon.exe I think it was called but I couldn't locate it on my disk and my anti-virus didn't find it either so I thought I was protected from whatever that was and it may have had nothing to do with the problem but it's been gone since I did the full scan. 

   Since then I can no longer open any word starter 2010 documents-click-to-run 2010 problem, the dvd rom won't copy cd's or even open them, task manager processes under the heading memory (Private working Set) it now says "k" with no figures and I can't install any updates with windows update-they all fail with the above error message although I think the error message number may have been different before but the end result is the same. My system came preinstalled so I have the first backup on dvd's howeer I also have a 1TB usb backup disk that has an iso copy of the hard drive that I made 2 months ago but the backup and restore function is broken too.

   Is there an expert geek out there who knows and understands what I've been describing who can tell me the cause and very hopefully the quick fix for these odd problems? I have many documents and program .exe files that I don't have copies of and I don't want to lose any of it. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and C.F.S. so I have the inability to sleep at night which is fine if whoever answers my query lives up top in the U.S.A. as I'm an Aussie from down under so we'd sleep at the same time if you get my meaning?

   I.E. works as does my internet connection so I can surf, download and install programs. Tonight I will attempt to copy my files to DVD-RW-fingers crossed. Thank you in advance.


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