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PowerPoint 2013: Images in presentation disappear - and are replaced with 'The image part with relationship ID rId2 was not found in the file'

Asked by TRogersIL on 05/07/2013 at 1:10 PM

I've used PPT for 20 years and started using PowerPoint 2013 through Office 365 2 months ago and this has happened to me 4 times. 


1.  I create a presentation (Using copy and paste and/or insert to include pictures and other images)


2.  After working on the presentation for a while I save the file and realize all the images (except smart art) are gone and replaced with the message above.


3.  I have reinstalled PPT 2013 and it happened again.  I have documents that are 50 pages long and have had to insert new images (Hours of lost work) then 3 days later it happens again.


Not sure if it is related but I've noticed that once in a while when I try to save a document (Happens in Word and Outlook Calendar items) it tells me the file is locked and makes me save under a new name.


This is really a show stopper.  Any suggestions?


  • Posted by pughmat on 05/15/2013 at 1:32 PM
    Sorry I can't help, but I have this exact seems to start with not being able to save the file. Once I new destination is selected, the image issue appears. Very frustrating!