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Windows update caused startup repair, which fails. How do I fix

Asked by LukeBell on 04/11/2013 at 2:40 PM
I've had several laptops have fatal errors in the last 24hours since the latest windows updates were released. At least 4 have confirmed installed the windows updates and then the next time they boot up windows goes into Startup repair which fails after several hours. Loading last known config and safe mode do not work, same issue. I have a suspected 7 machines with the problem so far, is this a known issue, is it happening for anyone else? Details below.
OS - Win7 PRO, Win7 Enterprise. Both 32 and 64bit.
So far only laptop effected, all Dell laptops, E6400, E6410, E6420 and E6430. We have several hundred of these laptops, only a few have been effected.
Windows updates, I only have details for 64bit atm - KB982726, KB890830, KB2823180, KB2799926, KB2813347, KB2808735, KB2823324, KB2760406, KB2817183, KB2813170
So far only users in the UK and Brasil are effected.

Any information on this would be appreciated



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