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Office 2013 Word Keeps Freezing (Not responding)

Asked by Nat_T on 04/02/2013 at 12:00 PM

I have just purchased Office 2013 and have used Word for a couple of minutes, but it repeatedly stops responding in specific scenarios.
It is far too buggy for me to migrate from my previous version of Office.

Situations in which it freezes:
  • Opening the options menu
  • On start up (when it claims that it is not the default program) - I fixed this one by making it the default program for everything
  • Closing the word document and choosing not to save
  • Scrolling through a very long document

Excel does not seem to have the same bugs, and I have successfully reached the options page on that program to turn off graphics acceleration.

The main reason I purchased Office 2013 was for Word and I would really like to have it functioning properly.
I am currently very disappointed and annoyed. 

Other (possibly) relevant details
Platform: Windows 7
Microsoft Office 2003 
Microsoft 2010 Starter (pre-installed on laptop purchase)

Thanks for the help.


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