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Windows 8 app ghosts (error=0x80070002)

Asked by DanielRie on 03/31/2013 at 3:23 PM
Oke, I have a different problem from al the other 0x80070002-errors.

I reinstalled my Windows 8 on my PC, did all my drivers, made it perfect. Then I thought it would be usefull to put back some of the files and folders of my old ProgramData and AppData. I figured it would save me some re-adjusting some apps/programs.
Later, beyond recovering, I found out that my App-store was thinking I had three apps (Music, Video and some other), which I had deleted on my new installed version (before recovering my old folders/files), but were on my old version.

I can't re-install the apps, as Windows thinks they are already installed, I can't update them without error 0x80070002 and I can't uninstall them, as they are really not there.

I tried many different "fixes" as defined in all the other threads (also cleared app store cache), none helped whatsoever.

I really don't want to reinstall Windows 8 again as it's a pain to reinstall my drivers and my programs.

I think the cullprit was the Microsoft folder in the Programdata-folder, but deleting cache there didn't help either.

Is there a place where the information about the installed apps is stored, that I could clean manually (or might there be an program for that)?

Any help is appreciated!!



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