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Office 2013 apps won't start on Windows8

Asked by KevinK11 on 03/23/2013 at 6:34 PM

When I click on the icons for Word, Excel, etc. (office 2013 direct install), the applications don't launch. I've tried to do the repair within the control panel. It says there are existing word programs open, so I choose the option to have it close the programs for me. Then, nothing happens. I'm afraid to try the uninstall. Because, we have the office home use program, and all we have is a link to download an EXE file. When I try to start that EXE file, it doesn't do anything, just like Word, Excel, etc. doesn't do anything. So, if I try and uninstall...and that works, then I probably can't reinstall, because the EXE doesn't work. Grrrrr.


Not to thrilled with Windows 8.


What are other options I can try?


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