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sync google calendar with Outlook 2013 with ical

Asked by woodysapsucker on 03/17/2013 at 6:49 PM

I'm trying to sync my google calendar with my Outlook 2013 (on Windows 8) calendar but keep getting this error with every send and receive: task internet calendar subscriptions reported error (0x0004002B).


Here are the steps that I've done to set up my iCal

     In google calendar, I clicked the down arrow next to my calendar name.

     I chose "Calendar settings"

     In the Private Address section I clicked on the ICAL button.

     I copied the URL that google supplied.


     In Outlook 2013, I opened "File", "Account Settings", "Account settings"

     I clicked on the "Internet Calendars" tab

     clicked "new"

     pasted the google calendar URL into the New Internet Calendar Subscription location box

     clicked "Add"


When Outlook does an automatic send and receive I receive this error:

     Task 'Internet Calendar Subscriptions' reported error (0x0004002B): 'Outlook cannot parse the property 'TRIGGER', near line 345. The property is being ignored.'


Suggestions I found:


Start-> run -> outlook /cleansharing - this did get rid of the error but also removed the shared calendar definition.


From the options, advanced, send/receive I un-checked the calendar under accounts/internet calendars


I would love to get this working - any suggestions on how to fix this?





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