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Windows 7 Media Center: Channel Scan - System.EntryPointNotFoundException

Asked by Windy2 on 03/09/2013 at 9:05 AM

My Windows 7 Media Center has been running fine for a couple of years, a few days ago some TV channels lost their EPG and I then ran the Channel Scan which got as far as downloading the guide, then crashed as it appeared to be starting to scan the channels:


System.EntryPointNotFoundException was unhandled
  Message=Entry point was not found.
       at ehiProxy.BackgroundScannerClass.StartScan()
       at MediaCenter.FirstRun.GlidServiceScanner.Start()
       at MediaCenter.FirstRun.ScanPage.StartScanners()
       at MediaCenter.FirstRun.ScanPage.StartScan()



I've removed and reinstalled Media Center in the Windows 7 Features and cleared it's database using "mcupdate -MediaCenterRecoveryTask" and removed all recent Windows Updates (but not security fixes) and tried a different USB TV tuner but it still crashes.  As far as I know everything but the Channel Scan works fine.  I don't often scan for channels so don't know when it went wrong but can't think of any new software that would have affected it.


Presumably from the exception I now have two incompatible pieces of software on the machine, but what are they and how can I fix it?


Any ideas please...


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