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Outlook 2013 Drafts Folder

Asked by addchild315 on 02/01/2013 at 2:57 PM

What exactly what was the design decision that required removing the option to select where I want my damn drafts and sent items? Why can't I have it save drafts locally? The drop-down box only lets me select a couple folders - two of which are NOT ACTUALLY AVAILABLE when using gmail as the IMAP provider (Drafts, Sent).

The only reason I can fathom is that Hotmail (or whatever it's called now) does not have this problem, since it was designed specifically to be compatible with Outlook. Gmail, however, uses a different system. A system that was compatible with 2010. So, now that the anti-trust restrictions have been lifted, suddenly it's time to start blacklisting the competition.

This is garbage. It likely took more work to remove the functionality than it would to allow the user to configure their own damn mail. The USPS doesn't force me to save my drafts and sent mail in proprietary boxes, so why should you? I was suckered into buying the product with the promise of improvements. It's worse than before. My Outlook 2010 installation has absolutely no problem. But its retarded younger brother cannot.

So, (a) is there a way to fix this (or do you have plans to do it at some point?)
and (b), If not, can I get a refund? This feature is important to me since this 'feature' (or lack thereof) does not allow me to select my own trash folder. So, when I delete something, it simply says (paraphrasing) "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that" because the folder does not exist. When, in a sane person's reality, the folder does exist, and Outlook, like a typical 3-year-old, sticks its fingers in its ears and ignores it.



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