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Outlook Web Access 2003 error on Surface RT IE10

Asked by Sheeds on 01/09/2013 at 11:04 PM

Hi MS Answers community,


I was hoping someone could shed some light or help with an IE10 error or incompatibility on my Surface RT. I am trying to access my work email account via IE10 (Metro or Desktop) using Outlook Web Access 2003.


I am able to sign-in, using my credentials for work (not my on the Surface - via use another account) and IE10 begins loading the page after I login. As per the attached screenshot however, whilst the left navigation/menu pane loads just fine, there appears to be a HTML error for the top RHS menu pane - and the content area stalls at "loading".




Given that Windows RT does not offer alternate browsers, I was wondering if someone could advise a fix for this issue which would allow OWA 2003 to work on my Surface RT?


It would be greatly appreciated.  This is my last option, as the company I work for does not use exchange activesync at all (they run a blackberry server and only use SMTP for it).





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