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Outlook 2010 "Upgrade in Progress"

Asked by MarkVanderkam on 12/17/2012 at 10:43 AM

I use Office Home and Business 2010 on a Sony laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium.


It has worked perfectly for 3 years, with the exception that whenever Microsoft automatically downloads an update to the OS, Outlook fails to load properly.  I then have to run a program called X16-32007 (Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 setup), to "Change your installation to Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010" and select the "Repair" option, after which Outlook is perfect again.


A few weeks ago, I installed an Epson 545 wireless printer, and Outlook was still perfect. However, with that printer/scanner, I also installed a program called ABBYY FineReader, which is an OCR program for the scanner.


Two days ago, I opened ABBYY for the first time, and when I did, the computer suddenly rebooted, after which I used the scanner on the Epson for the first time, and it had no problem running the scan into the OCR and converting the scan to text.


About 12 hours later, Outlook started to act up. Because ABBYY integrates directly into Outlook and Word, I thought that might be the problem and I uninstalled ABBYY.


Now my problem with Outlook.


Yesterday afternoon, when I opened the program, it suddenly opened the Windows Installer each time I would open Outlook, and it would then show a dialogue box saying:

"Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Single Image 2010"

Then Outlook would start running, but a little box would pop up in the middle with a single word: "Error". I would click "Okay", and then another box would open saying "Script Error", "An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line: 278, Char: 1, Error: Library not registered. Code: 0, URL: outlook today, ... Do you want to continue running scripts on this page: Yes/No


I have tried hitting both Yes and No, but in both cases, I get the same problem with Outlook that I will describe below.


Because that little "Error" dialogue would pop up before the Script Error dialogue, I tried running X16-32007 (Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 setup), clicked "Change your installation to Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010" and selected the "Repair" option, but this did not fix the issue. I tried this several times, and rebooted several times, but the problem below was not fixed.


The problem that I have with Outlook is that all my email accounts seem to have disappeared. When I am in the Home tab looking at the inbox, the usual button at the right of the screen to "Send/Receive email" is not there, and when I press F9 (which used to trigger send/receive automatically), an Outlook dialogue box pops up with a big red X and the message: "Not Implemented".


In Outlook, when I then click on the "File" tab, I see a big red box that says: "Upgrade in Progress: Your mailbox is currently being optimized etc", and another that says "Upgrade Outlook Connector: You must upgrade to the latest version of Outlook Hotmail Connector to continue using this email account".


I then went online in the Microsoft community (this website) and searched on "Upgrade in Progress", and there was a tutorial for setting up a new mail profile. On my computer, however, when I go to Control Panel as indicated in the tutorial, there is no Mail icon (it should be between "Location and Other Sensors" and "MobileMe", but it is not there.


Then I saw another message on the Microsoft community that suggested uninstalling Outlook Connector, but this is also not present in Control Panel. In addition, I do not sure Hotmail and so do not know why I would need to upgrade to the latest version of Outlook Hotmail Connector.


Can anybody help me?





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