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Outlook 2013 - how to change folder pane display name

Asked by akita11 on 12/11/2012 at 7:54 AM
Ok, I grudgingly agreed to test drive Office 2013 Professional Plus. While most apps seem to work fine, and I'm trying hard to get used to this new look, Outlook 2013 seems to be the "worst" of the new Office suite; in any case, giving me the most trouble.

I have multiple (5) hotmail accounts, and on first go Outlook 2013 would not download any of the messages from all of my hotmail accounts. So by now I've learned that Outpost 2013 seems happiest with just two hotmail accounts. At least that way Outlook 2013, for me, downloaded the lot and seems to behave kind of well enough.

My biggest bug-bear at present, however, is that it seems impossible to change the email account's display name in the left pane (folder pane) of the 'Mail' view. It just shows the full email addresses, and steadfastly refuses to display anything else. I'd like to have something more personal, like my name, or 'business' or 'private'. This was easy in Outlook 2010, but seems to have been removed from Outlook 2013??

I've tried the following methods:
1: right-click the email name | Data File Properties | Advanced, which gives me just that:

2: File | Account Settings | Account Settings | Data Files | Settings, which just gives me that:

3: Hit the F1 key in Outlook 2013, searched for a solution and ended up with this:
And what would you know? No such option exists in my Outlook 2013 build, which is:
Microsoft Outlook 2013 (15.0.4420.1017) MSO (15.0.4420.1017) 32-bit

And BTW, yes, I already have tried the following:
1: Deleted all accounts and started afresh - no luck
2: reverted back to the partition image I created before test-installing Office 2013, again removed Office 2010 (from Programs & Features CPL, and using MicrosoftFixit50450.msi) and then gain installed Office 2013 afresh - no luck

And while I'm here, can anyone tell me how to remove the "This computer only" text next to the Draft folder in the folder pane (seems rather pointless!!) ??

So, before I decide to go back to Office 2010 (using my partition image backup, just in case), all help with this issue would be much appreciated, indeed.

Thanks & cheers.


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