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Windows 8 Reset files missing

Asked by JeffersonSalazar on 08/16/2012 at 1:38 AM
I tried to reset my PC and start from new, but every time i try to start the process it says "Some files are missing. Your windows Installation or Recovery Media will provide theses files. But never gave me the file's name, so i go to the advance start up, and it told me the file: D:\Windows\SYSTEM32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt How can i get this file? I don't have a windows recovery Media, not Installation Disk. Here are my Specs..

Windows Edition: Windows 8 Released Preview
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M  @ 2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz
Ram: 4.0 GB (3.80 usable) 
System Type: 64 bit

Does anyone else have this problem?


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