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documents.library-ms is no longer working

Asked by SteveM26 on 11/22/2012 at 6:06 AM

Hello, I am using the release version of Windows 8 and it's been fine since but yesterday my explorer document, music, pictures and video libraries and everything that points to them no longer work.  Their icons have also changed.  I can't think of a particular change that may have caused this.  I have not installed any new software in the last few days.


When I click on any library I get the message:

[libararyName].library-ms is no longer working.  This library can be safely deleted from your computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected.

[libraryName] being Documents, Music, etc.

I found another threat from April (pre-release) on others that experienced this.  The answer was to remove the libraries and reset them or do a system restore.  That's fine, expect I am more wondering what caused the issue in the first place.  I wonder what the mechanism behind the libraries is - is it a service that has failed?  Where is the configuration stored and has it become corrupt and why?

I had all my libraries setup in a custom way with numerous folders included in different libraries so it's going to be bothersome to set them up again especially without knowing why they failed in the first place.

Anyone else experience this issue?




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