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SBS 2011 and internet connection

Asked by Rob Pethick on 08/13/2012 at 9:03 AM
I have six client computers connected through a server running Small Business Server 2011 Standard. Emails are collected by the server and distributed through exchange and the server acts as the DHCP service. Connection to internet is through ISP Eclipse, who are part of the Kingston group. Connection was made through using the wizard in SBS and at first everything worked perfectly - shared calendars, email through exchange, client computers having access to the internet etc. Then on the second day all the PCs lost their connection to various internet web sites. There was still an underlying internet connection as one person found that they could still send an email through a conventional POP 3 account. Network connections remained and ran as usual. I ran the internet connection wizard in SBS 2011 and everything went back to normal until the next day when I had to run the wizard again,. This happens nearly every day and sometimes during the day. Eclipse tell me I have a solid connection.a fixed IP address and that the dynamic gateway address they supply me with should have no adverse effect. Any ideas as running the network connection wizard on the server is a time consuming daily PITA.


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