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Windows 8 Windows Update fails with error 80244FFF

Asked by olivers dad on 10/29/2012 at 7:07 AM
I have just upgraded to windows 8 and windows update now refuses to check for updates stating that it "could not search for new updates" with an error code of 80244FFF.

I have tried:

a) performing the upgrade in place following the steps in the upgrade assistant - no change.
b) performing a clean install from a USB drive - no change (this should work as it is a fresh install on a clean drive with nothing else installed to interfere).
c) running the troubleshooter (which simply stops/starts two services and pretends to have fixed something).
d) reatarting (well, you never know)

I am a developer who has installed all of the preview releases and can safely say that so far the final version has been the most unstable and frustrating - a new OS should just work out of the box with the exception of some esoteric drivers.  All of the information online simply states that you need to run the troubleshooter or perform a clean reboot - neither of which solve anything.  I can update Windows defender through its own GUI so it cant be a connection to the update servers.

Any help greatly received.


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