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Printer settings could not be saved operation could not be comleted (error 0x00000001)

Asked by rthuwpedu on 10/28/2012 at 6:52 PM
Printer settings could not be saved operation could not be comleted (error 0x00000001)

I had just recovered my windows 7 firewall. It was corrupt and it would not allow access to the internet through my other windows 7 pc's. Now the firewall is fixed, all I had to do is reset the permissions and update it. Now, I am having issues with printer sharing. I have a canon MX850 series all in one printer. I un/re-installed the printer and updated the drivers. I click on devices and printers set this as the default printer. Then I right click and go to printer properties under the sharing tab, I click share this printer and I get error message

Printer settings could not be saved

Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000001)

My home group is set up and everything else is working proprely accept for this. I have already reset permissions for the printer. I have also reset the spooler and other linked services in services. Neither of them have worked.

I have also tried the microsoft FIXIT tool for printer issues. That detects no issues, I have also tried the printer troubleshooting on both of my computers and it is telling me the printer is not connected with the home group. So I hit perform the recommended repairs as an admistrator and it fixes nothing. I also have tried with the widows firewall disabled. I have also disabled my antivirus and it still does nothing. Both computers are running windows 7 64 bit operating systems. I have never had issues with this before and both pc's worked well, until the firewall on my desktop went down. File and printer sharing is ON as well as network discovery.


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