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How can I beat Hyperious the invincible?

Asked by Ben Brocka on 10/17/2012 at 8:09 AM

So two friends and I (2 sirens with Res, one gunzerker) have been trying to kill Hyperious for a couple hours. At best we could get him down to about 1/4th health.

We have The Bee and the Conference call and we know to res each other, we know to stay spread out, but his AOE "nuke" attack is so long range.

We're thinking the trick must have to do with Aggression management and his robots. Once you kill all 4 robots he's vulnerable, but still hard to kill and his aggro seems random; even with 2 Sirens we couldn't make sure everyone stayed alive. It's not that we healed too slowly (our phaselock came active almost instantly) but at some point it'd always wind up that both Sirens were down, and if the Gunzerker tried to res one of us, half the time he got taken out too.

So what do we do with his robots? Leave one alive, shoot Hyperious when his shield is down, kill all the robots ASAP or what? What team should I have? Do we really need 4 Sirens with healing spec?

How can we kill Hyperious?

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