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Plastic Surgery Types And Options For Your Procedure Health Articles | October 30 Wholesale Jerseys China , 2011

Curious about your available cosmetic surgery options? In this article, we will outline a few of the more common plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic Surgery Types

Cosmetic surgery can be simplified into 2 main categories: cosmetic and reconstructive. Cosmetic procedures are performed for appearance sake, whereas reconstructive procedures are generally performed in order to address abnormalities, with a strong focus on functionality. Patients who have taken the proper amount of time should be picky when selecting a surgeon Wholesale Jerseys , be mentally and physically fit and have realistic expectations. In this article, we will outline a few of the more common plastic surgery procedures.


Rhinoplasty refers to a procedure, which is performed in order to reshape or reconstruct the nose. The procedure is performed for a variety of reasons, both cosmetic and reconstructive Cheap NFL Jerseys China , including: birth defect correction, breathing problem alleviation, or a cosmetic correction. Prices for these types of procedures generally come out to around $5,000 Cheap NFL Jerseys , with a recovery period of 2-4 days.


This procedure is mainly performed to address protruding ears. In addition, damaged and deformed ears can be reconstructed using many of the same methods. Otoplasty is rare in that it is one of only a few cosmetic options deemed suitable for children age four and above. The price tag associated with these surgeries typically sits between $2,000 - $5,000 Cheap Jerseys China , and can sometimes be covered by insurance.


An abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck" involves the removal of excess fat and skin throughout the abdominal region. Patients generally seek this type of procedure following pregnancy and weight loss. The results involve a stronger abdominal wall and tighter physique. Down sides include a long scar running hip to hip just below the abdomen and an extensive recovery period. The cost of surgery runs between $4,000 - $10,000, depending on where you live Cheap Jerseys , the technique used and the patient needs.


Also known as body contouring, liposuction is one of the more common cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. The surgery uses a hollow needle, inserted into the surgical site to suction away excess fat. The price tag varies from $1,500 - $7 Wholesale New NFL Jerseys ,500 depending on the physician, location, treatment area, and type of liposuction being performed. A variety of non-invasive lipo procedures have recently gained popularity for their fast recovery times and lower costs.


In general Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , there are 3 common plastic surgery procedures associated with the breasts. Breast augmentation makes use of saline and silicone implants to help enlarge the bust line, and is the second most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S. Costs typically fall between $2,500 - $5,000 Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online , but can be much higher depending on the type of implant, the physician and the technique used.

Other Surgeries

Eyelid surgeries, brow lifts and face lifts are other types of common cosmetic procedures that are designed to refresh and improve the overall appearance of the face. Entire body lifts are also gaining popularity in patients who have seen extreme weight loss resulting in a large amount of extra skin.

If you're interested in learning more about your available cosmetic options, the best place to turn is to the office of a board certified plastic surgeon.

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