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Asked by panxing18 on 05/15/2019 at 1:47 AM

If Hilloween at Tyreek Hill’s house didn’t make it obvious that your Kansas City Chiefs love Halloween Super Bowl Darwin Thompson Jersey , then the video of them at The Beast haunted house in the West Bottoms of Kansas City confirmed it. The video opens with Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, “Queen of Haunts,” talking about how many people, even the cast and crew, believe the buildings in the West Bottoms are haunted. She adds the ghosts that make you call for them to come out are the ones that really annoy her.“For those of you that believe in the paranormal, it may be very real for you inside these buildings.”Okay, Amber, thank you for the creepy intro, we get it. While we get a small glimpse at the players getting spooked, the real treat was getting to hear Chris Conley, Gherig Dieter and Travis Kelce talk about Halloween tradition, favorites and more in interviews with the “Queen of Haunts” herself. Favorite Halloween costumes growing up: 2:47 Darwin Thompson Jersey nfl draft , Chris Conley: “I had a little cowboy hat growing up, a little fedora and the outfit. I wanted to be a cowboy for a longtime—weird I know.”3:10, Gehrig Dieter: “I think probably Eeyore when I was a real youngin’.”3:24 Travis Kelce: “It was a baseball player one year and a football player the next and after that it was just ongoing. One year, I dressed up like Eric Lindros—he was my favorite hockey player ever, shout out to Eric and the Philadelphia Flyers.”Favorite Halloween candy: 3:46, Dieter: “I’d have to go with some skittles. You can’t go wrong with a nice pack of skittles for Halloween. Makes you feel good.”3:58, Conley:“I’m not a big chocolate guy, I’m more of a gummy bear guy, which is a candy you don’t usually get., but that’s the way I’ll go. Either that or Twizzlers.”4:11, Kelce: “I used to get real excited over Butterfingers. I love some good Butterfingers. The little fun-sized Butterfingers, I still get excited over those.”Favorite part about going through The Beast:4:33 Xavier Williams Jersey , Conley: “There were a number of mazes we went through and we got utterly lost. We went through about five times before we figured out how to get out of them. That was probably my favorite part, the unpredictability.”4:49, Kelce:“My favorite part was low key the points that I had no idea what was coming so like the areas where I could barely see, it was a forrest like area, that was my favorite part because that was the most exciting and I had no idea what was coming next.”5:08, Dieter:“Getting out with the teammates, getting scared a little bit, seeing a different side of the guys —the scared side — you don’t see that often so coming out here and actually seeing that was a lot of fun and was definitely funny.Who was the fearless leader of the group?5:22, Dieter:“I think the leader was probably Chris Conley. I think everybody took a wrong turn at one point and we followed Chris and he led us to the promise land.”Halloween memories growing up:5:36, Kelce:“It was rough growing up in the Cleveland Heights neighborhood if you decided to go ahead and carve some pumpkins just because me and the reckless crew were always out to ruin the season, but it was fun times. I remember carving pumpkins with my family and it was one of the best times ever and sure enough Halloween’s always been one of my favorite holidays because of it.” The Las Vegas over/unders for the 2019 season are out."Many Las Vegas bookmakers released their NFL over/unders for the 2019 season on Friday. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently listed at 10.5 wins (courtesy of CG Sportsbooks), up from 7.5 wins ahead of 2018. Only one team Patrick Mahomes Jersey , the New England Patriots, has a higher over/under number.Other notable year-by-year differences I found interesting were the Chicago Bears (6.5 to 9.5), the Cleveland Browns (4.5 to 9), the Indianapolis Colts (6.5 to 9.5) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (10.5 to 9).Going off of 10.5 wins, the question becomes, Will the Chiefs get to 11 in 2019? I compiled some reasons as to why or why not.Why the Chiefs will win 11 gamesSince Andy Reid took over for the 2013 season, the Chiefs have averaged 10.8 wins per season, including three seasons of 11 or more wins over the last four. During two of those 11-plus-win seasons, Alex Smith was the starting quarterback. Now, it’s Patrick Mahomes’ team, and if the reigning MVP’s name alone doesn’t provide enough confidence, his supporting cast—Travis Kelce Mitch Morse Jersey , (probably) Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins—should all be back healthy and ready to do it all over again. When people think of the Chiefs, they think of an elite offense with a lousy defense, but there is an argument to be made that the defense could be better in 2019: First, it couldn’t really be much worse, right? And second, the Chiefs changed defensive coordinators, assistant coaches and scheme. The returners may be better thanks to the in-house change of scenery. I also love the Tyrann Mathieu signing. If the defense can get to average, 11 wins could be low for Mahomes.Why the Chiefs will win less than 11 gamesI think we can all agree that Mahomes’ numbers in 2019 were silly. 50 touchdowns and more than 5,000 yards. I think we can also agree that although he’s no doubt arrived, the chances of repeating such wildly strong numbers are slim (throwing for 50 touchdowns only happened twice before 2018). Mahomes is now without both running back Kareem Hunt and center Mitch Morse, and questions still surround Hill, with the team saying it hasn’t spoken to him. Also Chris Jones Jersey , the Chiefs’ defense finished No. 31 in yards per game in 2019. Now without Eric Berry, Dee Ford and Justin Houston, three of its most important players, how could it possibly improve, even with the change in defensive coordinator? Andy Reid has never finished with less than nine wins since coming to the Chiefs, but 11 wins, especially given the Chiefs’ schedule—they see the Bears, Colts and Patriots in addition to an improving AFC West—is a tall order.What do you think?


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