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Division 2 Boosting took me since day one playing

Asked by Fogingsam on 04/15/2019 at 12:43 AM

Division 2 Boosting took me since day one playing every goddamn day to get those stats.... I would utilize smgs and snipers use armor which raised crit opportunity and crit dmg so that I wasn't just and to get crits. . .Thing is it was not unbalanced... My buddy was a glass cannon and we would return and forth with battling... When they nerfed me but not glass cannons all they did was fuck me made him able to one shot anybody. Since we played since day one each damn day.And even he found it no more fun because hed wreck ppl too much... He had about the same health as everyone else but maxed out dmg and penetration with higher crit chance and high crit dmg....The branch 1 had shooting. The Division 2 shooting is not very satisfying. They included that this mechanic in which the speed of fire burns instead of staying steady. There's also a lot of lag between the gun sounds and the rumble of the controller should you play console. A great deal of times the rifle sound does not begin as it should. The mix is also terrible in this game. They mixed it down to simulate surround sound but it doesn't sound good. They need to put in a typical stereo mode. The audio sounds like if you were enjoying the game with your head in a bucket or in a ballroom hall with lots of echo.

Well The Division 2 Boosting was a fascinating contrast. I see that, on PC, The Division 2 looks alright. I have been playing with the Beta Ps4 and it kinda just turned me off from the game. I'm assuming it's just really optimized on the market. Textures wont load and remain super settlement until you are touching it. Some building walls dont load so you can see via the map. NPC and enemies can sometimes pop out and in constantly from nowhere. In battle you could be standing in a fire grenade's aoe without even knowing it because the flames arent there but it will still hurt you.For a sequel that seems nearly copy-pasted, it felt pretty shitty compared to the original game which ran smooth like butter and looked much more pleasing to the eye. So yeah. PC version looks alright, console variant is simply dreadful.


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