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China Southern Airlines 24 hour cancellation

Asked by alicetaylor5891 on 04/09/2019 at 10:59 PM

Cancel your booked China Southern Airlines ticket go through the following policy!

Canceling the airline's ticket, sometimes, becomes mandatory due to unavoidable reasons. If you have booked your ticket on China Southern Airlines and need to cancel it, then, go through following and have a look at the cancellation policies of China Southern Airlines policies:

  • China Southern Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy: If the ticket had been booked at least seven days or before prior to scheduled departure of the flight, then, passengers are given the opportunity to cancel flight ticket within 24 hrs of booking. Cancelling the flight within 24 hrs might provide a full refund to the passengers.
  • If a traveler tries to cancel the flight once the free cancellation period has expired, then, a traveler has to pay the charges for canceling after free cancellation period.
  • As per China Southern Airlines cancellation policy , if a traveler cancels the flight within a given span of time, then, the traveler can apply for the refund. But, if a refund period ends, then request for refund is not considered.
  • If online payment had been made, then, the refund is given within 7-8 working days. For payment made using cash, the refund is made within 20 days.
  • If cancellation has been done from the airlines’ end due to reasons that cannot be avoided, and if the airlines is unable to provide the service, then, airlines uses suitable measure and compensates passengers.

If you need any kind of assistance regarding cancellation and refund, then, you can contact the customer care of China Southern Airlines. Customer care service of China Southern Airlines is available round the clock. So, whenever you need assistance to resolve the issues, then, all you need to do is contact the customer care.

Besides, contacting the customer care regarding the cancellation of China Southern airlines, you can contact the customer care regarding other issues as well.

A passenger can also know about flight status, flight timing, date and time of flight departure.

China Southern Airlines works diligently to provide the best services at an affordable price to its customers.

One can search for deals and offers on China Southern airlines by browsing the web portal of China Southern Airlines.

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