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Dignitas already had a Rocket League group

Asked by lolgavip on 04/09/2019 at 8:53 PM

Players switching teams is infrequently specific in esports.Roster adjustments show up all of rocket league items the time.But this pass is this kind of ordinary prevalence.Right in the middle of a season -- two weeks earlier than the maximum important tournament -- Dignitas swooped in and claimed the trio it really is in all likelihood the most closely-desired crew to win all of it.

There isn't always virtually a latest precedent for this,at least inside the Rocket League scene.Two seasons ago,an unsigned crew become picked up through Rogue earlier than the World Championships based on the strength of its performance in the Regional Championships.But that's a story approximately some plucky players incomes themselves a sponsorship.This is special.This is one large company muscling out some other mere weeks earlier than the sport's foremost competition.

Compounding matters,Dignitas already had a Rocket League group! Prior to this season,it signed Turtle,Zol,and Chicago who were playing in RLRS -- ostensibly the minor leagues wherein groups may be promoted to the primary competition,at the same time as RLCS groups may be relegated.Those guys are reputedly out of an agency now.

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