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How to Activate McAfee?

Asked by smithwarner on 04/02/2019 at 6:16 AM

Activation is an essential part of the whole process, without knowing about it you can never access the

application you have just downloaded. To activate McAfee suite, follow the
steps mentioned below:
1. Launch your McAfee software.
2. Goto the Your Subscription option and click it.
3. Tapon the Edit Profile option. Then you will need to go to
to complete the incomplete steps.
4. Then you will need to type your email address and enter the McAfee activate 25 digit code.
5. After typing the email address and product key, tap on the Next button.
6. Now you will need to create a secure and robust password that no one could ever
7. Then tap on the Next button.
8. Now your McAfee account has been created and you McAfee program is also activated.
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