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Vaporesso Aurora Play Review

Asked by freemexy on 03/05/2019 at 2:43 AM

Vaporesso Aurora Play Review

The Aurora Play by Vaporesso is a new pod vape currently on pre-order. vaporesso aurora play features CCELL coils, a nice automatic MTL draw, and a convenient and familiar body styling. Most of us have used a lighter with this exact design! This is the second version of the Aurora and a few things have changed. The overall body is more rounded and slightly larger, it now has an on/off button and a push-to-fill system, the mouthpiece and pods are different, and the whole pod is swapped now instead of just the coil.

I have a pre-production run, so some of the device's retail features aren't in mine. The Aurora Play takes a 1.3-ohm MTL pod designed primarily for nic salt. It still has a 650 mAh battery and it comes with an Omni Board Mini chipset. Apparently, like in the Renova Zero, the Aurora Play will also come with adjustable power in the form of three presets. No word yet on if it really has temperature control.
The machining and finish are incredible on the body of the zinc alloy chassis. The build quality is really good, in spite of a little wobble on the top. Its dimensions are 78.8 mm x 43.7 mm x 15.5 mm making it about the size of the Orion Go. It weighs around 95 grams, which is much heavier than most pocketable pod vapes. But it feels good in the hand, and it looks and sounds just like the world's most popular lighter when you play with it... which you will do! It's impossible not to. It even has a cam lever (just like the lighter) that's responsible for that satisfying click or for silent and easy opening.

The Aurora Play has an automatic draw, but it also has an on/off button (simple 5-click) right above the micro USB port, located on the narrow front side. Vaporesso says the retail version will have three pre-sets for wattages accessed by the on/off button: green/12.5 watts, Blue/10.5 watts, and red/9 watts.The original Aurora had plastic cylindrical tanks where the coil head was replaced. Now the Aurora Play uses magnetic disposable pods. The capacity has gone up from 1.2 mL to 2.0 mL, and you'll be able to monitor your juice levels with two 6.5 mm x 8 m juice windows.

There is one available pod for this device, a 1.3-ohm MTL pod designed for nic salts (two come with the kit).

Refilling the pods is easy thanks to the Vaporesso press-to-fill system. There's a spring-loaded valve on top of the pod that fills the reservoir when pushed down with your dropper. Plastic or needle tips work best and cleanest for the refill, but glass droppers may make a little mess on top of the pod. Either way, you may want to keep a napkin handy when refilling. The main issue for me with this design is once you fill your pod, you don't have access to any port that will allow you to drain the pod. Make sure you actually like the liquid before filling the Aurora Play!


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