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MIP China providing Chinese business a key to the door of foreign market opportunity

Asked by freemexy on 03/05/2019 at 2:21 AM

MIP China providing Chinese business a key to the door of foreign market opportunity

MIP China, an international content market trade show, is looking to connect with content distributors and producers in China and abroad.To get more Hangzhou City news, you can visit shine news official website.

Organizer Reed MIDEM, in partnership with local firms Megamedia and China Media Management Inc, intends to use their expertise and success from MIPCOM (Marché International des Programmes de Communication), which has been held in Cannes, France for over 30 years.

The event in Hangzhou held in June comprised of two parts: one-to-one pre-scheduled meetings and a program especially designed for the Chinese market to highlight how the international market worked and what kinds of content these companies are looking for.

This year 506 delegates from 145 entertainment companies attended the event, up 9 percent from a year earlier, where 796 meetings were arranged for participants from 19 countries and regions.

"Our first goal is to help people in terms of content development, meeting people to create partnership for the future," said Laurine Garaude, director of the television division at Reed MIDEM. "It's more than just transaction. It's establishing, building relationships, helping introduce them to the right people and then they can carry on business."

The local city and provincial government have been supportive to the development of the culture industry, including film and television. In 2017, gross domestic product of Hangzhou City reached 1,255.6 billion yuan, 24.2 percent of which came from the culture industry.

Up to date, there are 2,690 film and TV production companies in Zhejiang, which ranks the second nationally following Beijing. In 2017, these companies have produced 106 movies and 53 TV series.

"Hangzhou is one of the most important, or second (place) in terms of production companies, and the city we saw is closest to replicating the atmosphere of our shows in Cannes," added Garaude.

Yang Le, CEO of Huanyu Film, a TV production company registered in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, told Shanghai Daily that it was her second year at MIP China. Last October she and her company exhibited hand-embroidered costumes used in their Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) period drama, at the Cannes show.

"We hope to take Chinese culture and TV dramas abroad," said Yang, after a meeting with Pacifica Media from the US.

The contents she intended to sell were mostly historical period dramas and wuxia (martial heroes) dramas, which are considered culturally more acceptable in foreign markets.

"Southeast Asia is now probably the biggest importer of Chinese TV series. But we felt the need to communicate with the Indian, African and European markets as well," added Yang.


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