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What are the reasons for students lack of interest in writing essay?

Asked by Harold on 02/13/2019 at 2:41 AM

Essay writing is an inevitable task in higher level education. Students cannot ignore it. Because their grades are highly depends on it. Teachers give grades based on the quality of the essay. And the quality of the essay depends on many factors. Its structure, writing style, content etc decide the quality of the essay. If students submit content oriented high quality essays then they will surely get good grades.

Nowadays many students lack interest in writing essay. They consider it as a tough task. Writing essay is a long process. It would take some time to complete an essay. There is a lot of effort is required to complete it. All these cause headache to students. But there are many other reasons for their lack of interest in writing essay. The first difficulty is poor writing skills. There are many students who face this problem. Good writing skills are needed to write impressive essays. Because a good writing can always gain readers attention easily. Many students lack good writing skills. The next problem is lack of knowledge in the given essay topic. Students who do not have enough idea about the topic would struggle to complete essay. Essays are consists of 6 or 7 pages. Writing a long page essay without having enough information about the topic would be very difficult. It is important to know the essay structure to write it. There are students who do not have much idea about it. There are different types of essay. And each essay has different structure. So it is important to understand about the structure before start writing it. Lack of time also trouble students. Most of the time they get very less time to prepare essay. They may need time to prepare essay. But they often very short time to prepare it. All these causes troubles to students. And that is why they lack interest in writing it.

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