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Risks Associated With Arbitrage Sports Betting

Asked by ussportsbookodds on 02/07/2019 at 3:27 AM

There is but another way of looking at the best sports betting odds, and that is to examine the money lines. According to some gambling experts, the easiest way to understand a money line bet is to think of it as a representative of the amount that the sports bettor would need to bet so for him or her to win $100. So that’s said. Now, note and understand that the money line is usually expressed with a negative number or a positive number. For example, -100 or +100. The negative number primarily indicates what the bettor must wager to win $100, while the positive number shows that the bettor will win if he or she is going to wage $100. As what I’ve mentioned above, the profit over the long term of placing these kinds of bets averages out to be about ten percent.


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