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Few Tips for Your First Time Sex

Asked by DrVinodRaina123 on 02/05/2019 at 5:56 AM

When you are going to lose your virginity is the first sex. It is interesting, but not as shown in Bollywood movies. According to Indian tradition sex is referred after marriage, but in our modern society, it can be before marriage as well.

  • 1.How is the experience? - Generally there would be pain of varying degree; Female vagina is an expandable structure which adjusts according to male penis size. You wouldn't get orgasms, but penetration is the most important. First time pain is mostly bearable but if it is too much, never hesitate to request your partner to stop it.

In first time bleeding will be just a little bit, but it doesn't stop after 5-10 minutes, don't hesitate to discuss with your older sister in law or mother in law. If you are not able to sort out this problem, then take help from sex doctor.

  • 2.Is it necessary to have sex on the first night? - Not really! Due to customs and rituals the bride and groom are very tired at first night. So, you can postpone your first night. Whenever you feel comfortable, then you can celebrate your first night with your wife.
  • 3.Should you disclose everything on the first night? - If you are going to marry with someone. Then you have to disclose everything with your partner before married, if you are loyal to your partner. You don't need to wait for the first night.
  • 4.What if you can't satisfy my partner? - Yes! It can be happens. Generally first night sex experience will not be the best ever. But don't take stress about it or, don't blame to your partner for it. Normally people need 1-2 weeks to start feeling full satisfaction. So take it easy. If your partner is not able to perform well during sex- please give peace to your partner.
  • 5.Should you take some medicine for first sex? - No, I will never suggest anyone to take medicine for the first time sex. If you had been masturbating nicely, you don’t need any medicine. Many boys take OTC medicines to make sure they perform like a hero with their partner. Never go with any medicine. If you have any doubt sex related than just concern with sexologist.

If you are facing any type of sex problem in your first night or not satisfied with your partner, then don’t take stress or not blemish to your partner. Just pick your phone and give a call to Top Sexologist in Delhi: 9873322916 and get the best advice with Dr. Vinod Raina.


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