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What is the Reason People Feel Weak after Sex?

Asked by DrVinodRaina123 on 02/02/2019 at 3:28 AM

Sex is very important and enjoyable part of any couple's life. After sex, feeling tired and sleeping is very common to everyone. There are many reasons for this - generally due to the excitement of the foreplay, the heartbeat is more and 2-5 minutes after vaginal penetration is like galloping.

When someone doesn't have the habit and try to run faster, then they will be tired in a short time period. Sex is just like a 100-200 meter race, so feeling fatigue is a common thing to anyone. Whenever doing sex, many hormones are building up, which makes people Relax feel.

When the tired body is relaxed, then sleeping is a very common thing.

As we know that sex is the very enjoying part of some people, but there are some people those uses it like sleeping medicine, which is a very wrong thing. Many males take a number of stresses before thinking about sex, will they satisfy with their partner or not? It can be the part of your tiredness after the sex.

There are so many people feeling fever, headache, sadness or panic after sex. That is the reason people start fearing sex and a rift in a marriage relationship.

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