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Chengdu to build a livable ‘Garden City’

Asked by freemexy on 02/01/2019 at 8:12 PM

Chengdu is creating an independent non-motorized transport system to connect with parks, tourist spots and other public cultural and leisure facilities.To get more Chengdu City news, you can visit shine news official website. The ring-road Jincheng Greenway, which is part of the Tianfu Greenway project, is quite rare in Chinese cities in term of scale, according to officials from Chengdu Urban and Rural Construction Commission.

Jincheng Greenway will include a two-way bicycle lane along the 85-kilometer Raocheng Expressway of Chengdu, nine radial greenways stretching inward connected to the No. 3 Ring Road and other secondary greenways. The total length will reach up to 500 kilometers. The colored-asphalt bike lane will be 6 meters wide and suitable for professional cycle races and marathons. As of August, 1,585 kilometers of the greenways around the city have been completed, about one-tenth of the total.

It includes several major bridges on the ring-road part. “It is more than just building bridges and roads. Construction also includes the supporting facilities in the area and the landscape, such as shops, toilets, parking lots, resting pavilions or outdoor sports venues,” said an official with the scenic and urban landscape department at Chengdu Urban and Rural Construction Commission. Chengdu will also establish a diversified tourism industry in the neighborhood, offering services ranging from themed towns and themed ecological parks, to rural scenic resorts and agricultural tourism. It aims to boost the development of travel-related businesses. The Longquan Mountain City Forest Park is located between downtown area and eastern new area, spans a total area of 1,275 square kilometers.

The under-construction Tianfu International Airport is only 16 kilometers away. The forest greenway, making best use of the existing roads, is expected to reach 800 kilometers. There are a dozen of observation decks highlighting some of the best views overlooking the east and west part of the city. The park is also highly accessible via different transportation routes, and tourists can get to the park within 30 minutes.

In the near future, there will also be seven new expressways connecting it to the populated urban areas on both sides. According to the officials from Longquan Mountain City Forest Park management committee, protection of ecosystem is of the top priority, and the forest cover rate will increase to 70.5 percent by 2030. The committee aims to build the park into the “green lung” of the city, a high-end entertainment park for the public to meet the increasing demand for green space from local residents. When the park is fully completed in 2035, the forest area in Chengdu will increase 10 square meters per capita and water holding capacity will increase 840 million cubic meters each year, carbon sequestration will reach 310,000 tons, and release oxygen of 230,000 tons, according to the committee.


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