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Are a really Maplestory M Mesos optional

Asked by mmogofifa on 01/10/2019 at 9:04 PM

Are a really Maplestory M Mesos optional thing to do. From the community , nobody really found an effective way to level up, there are ways, but really ineffiecent, so before we get another way around it, the principal quest lines ought to prepare one with mesos and potions so you won't have to think about your progression in case you're not picking a

class who actually rely on healing.Dungeons are discretionary to level yourself up from 50-60, although I'm not certain what Nexon is gon na do about instruction from 50-60. Hurry to level 50 as soon as possible then instantly get your gear score to 1500, you want that so you can access the principal point of the MapleStory 2 game's

content. To get that gear for 1500 gear score you would want to perform the dungeons. You don't have to perform a lot of these, only a few will be sufficient to receive your equipment.Another cheesy way it is possible to get your gear for a score of 1500 is only purchase all your stuff in the Black Market, Every blue gear is at least 15-

30k mesos, but that is if you have sufficient mesos for MaplestoryM Mesos that and I recommend saving your mesos for future events. And you can bring yourself closer into accessing the 50 dungeons.You would wish to clear dungeons 10 times every day to 30 times to get as much equipment as you can once you have obtained the lvl 50 dungeons.

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