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Hitanshi reading Method is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages. It was developed in Japan and has been taught to both children and adults there for the last several years. Astonishing as it may seem to most of us who learned only to read books by reading a page at a time they can in fact be read by simply flipping the pages. Unlike the many well established forms of speed reading that are in existence Hitanshi reading Method does not require the book to be opened at all. The book is simply held up in front of the reader's face and the pages are flipped rapidly using the thumb much like when preparing to shuffle playing cards. It is thus a truly revolutionary advancement in education.

The Hitanshi reading Method technique is not solely about reading however. It can also be utilised in several other creative ways for problem solving and memorizing Cheap Mike Hoffman Shirt , for health improvement and stress reduction as well as for positive thinking and what can only be described as quasi telepathic communication with plants and animals for example. All of these extensions of the original Hitanshi reading Method training have been fully documented and tested over the years in a great variety of situations with many individuals. This web site has been created to introduce Hitanshi reading Method for the first time outside of Japan where there are now thousands of school students and adults using it in their daily lives to great benefits both for them and for society at large. It appears that using the right brain approach to learning encourages cooperation and harmony among people. This is surely something we can all benefit from.

Effect of Hitanshi Reading Method

After many years of experimentation Hitanshi reading Method has proven to be a highly effective way of learning. However as we shall see it is not at all limited in its effects to education alone. Let's now look at some of the results that have been witnessed by those participating in the adults' training seminars. A business seminar lasting four hours per lesson was held for three days straight. After it was completed we heard of people's various impressions.

These can be divided into the following categories:

Health improvement
The development of precognitive ability
Memory improvement
Intuition development
Wish fulfillment
Improvement in timing
Imaging power
Improvement in human relations and consideration for others
Feelings of stability
Life changing

The following data was collected from questionnaires. Although we had some trouble deciding on which category was suitable here is a sampling of some of the delighted responses participants provided.

Posibilities of Hitanshi Reading Method:

I have been involved with the education of children these past twenty years. As I taught these children in my class I was amazed to discover that they had this wonderful 'speed reading' ability, one given to them by nature. Each time I

would teach my class Cheap Jean-Gabriel Pageau Shirt , I discovered a great deal about them and noticed a lot of things.

We discovered that the secret of this marvelous ability is in the " Three layers of the human brain ", also known as the Trini Tass. We wanted to share this ability's development with the whole world Cheap Craig Anderson Shirt , and to support this incredible

power of the children. It was in this way that Quantum Speed Reading was born. Since then we have begun to understand then phenomenal possibilities of Hitanshi reading Method. Here are some of our insights:

Hitanshi Reading Method provides an education that will allow the world's children to share one Quantum Language, one that is an understandable language to all. With Quantum Language everything is connected. Let us give you an


If a child from a particular country does Quantum Speed Reading in his or her non-native language Cheap Ryan Dzingel Shirt , even if they cannot grasp the meaning of that language, they are able to turn it into their own tongue. The reason for this

extraordinary power is that the pictures that come out from the book (created by the right-brain) help the child understand the content of the book.


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