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MELBOURNE, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- A fuel shortage at Melbourne Airport could cause chaos for passengers, authorities have warned.

Less than 2 million liters of fuel is reportedly available at Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport, the second busiest in Australia, after a shipment of fuel failed quality controls upon arrival.

An Airbus A380 can require up to 300,000 liters of fuel for a single long-haul flight.

The shortage is believed to be more sever than two fuel shortages in 2015, possibly delaying dozens of flights out of the airport and forcing international flights departing from Melbourne to stop at another airport to take on more fuel.

Only four fuel refineries operate in Australia, two of which are in Victoria, with extra imports from Asia to meet demand.

Barry Abrams, executive director of the Board of Airline Representatives of Australia, said the fuel shortage was particularly troubling for international airlines and would begin to cause problems as early as Friday afternoon.

"International airlines were last night advised that due to shortages in the supply of jet fuel to the airport, the National Operating Committee on Jet Fuel Supply Assurance changed the fuel supply status in Melbourne to a 'black traffic light' and immediate and deep fuel rationing," Abrams told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Friday.

Domestic flights travelling to Melbourne will be required to take on more fuel than required before departing to prevent fuel supplies at Melbourne Airport from being exhausted.

A spokesperson for Melbourne Airport said the airport was working closely with airlines to manage the shortage.

"Melbourne Airport understands that airlines are managing potential impacts and that there has been limited impact on airline schedules at this stage," the spokesperson said in a statement.

"Melbourne Airport recommends travellers contact their airline for the most up-to-date information about flights today."

A spokesperson for Qantas said the fuel shortage would not impact domestic flights and flights to China's Hong Kong and Singapore would stop in Sydney to re-fuel.

The use of CCTV cameras is widespread in India. Indian population is aware of the benefits of installing this device in the premises. No wonder Cheap Jeff Schlupp Jersey , it has made its way through in schools, hospitals, corporate offices Cheap Jamie Vardy Jersey , airports, and other places! Government authorities and private firms, alike Cheap Demarai Gray Jersey , make use of surveillance equipments for the security of their premise. In the past, many criminals have been successfully detected. This device can be easily spotted at many places, especially CCTV dome camera Cheap Danny Simpson Jersey , in India.

CCTV dome cameras are the most widely used. They are so-named because of their shape. You may come across dome security cameras in India, several times. It provides sharp monitoring of the premise. There are many types of dome security cameras available in the market. As per your surveillance needs, you may choose an appropriate type of CCTV dome camera in India. However Cheap Danny Drinkwater Jersey , you may also need to think twice before installing this device! Your premise may or may not be suitable for it.

Not every premise is suitable for a CCTV dome camera in India! You may need to consider the following factors before you finalize a standard dome camera for your premise:
*Image: If not installed properly, dome security cameras in India may give distorted images. Incorrect aspect ratios and color information are possible distortion in the image obtained. This is because of the distortion in the curvature of the hemisphere. Other cameras may give better quality images than this type of an apparatus. Dome security cameras in India may be used for general surveillance. For sharp images for identification, it is better to go for other type of CCTV cameras.
*Lighting: Standard dome cameras are sensitive to light. A CCTV dome camera in India may not be able to cope with low lighting conditions. There is more noise on the image at low lit areas. It makes the image harder to compress. You may not be able to get the expected results if the coverage area does not have proper light. If your premise is not properly lit Cheap Daniel Amartey Jersey , it is advisable to select a surveillance machine that works well in darker areas. Or else, you can also arrange for proper lights to be fixed in the premise.
*Cost: Dome security cameras in India cost less as compared to other countries. It is easy to install. So, many people prefer this tool over other cameras. You may consider getting a CCTV dome camera in India Cheap Christian Fuchs Jersey , if your aim is general surveillance of the premise. This machine is most suitable for common use. For sensitive areas, you may consider a more specific, feature-oriented CCTV camera.

Taking into account the factors mentioned above Cheap Ben Chilwell Jersey , you need to decide whether security appliances of dome shape in India are suitable enough for you! There are various options for selecting this device in the market like Regular C Mount CCTV cameras, Hidden cameras, Infra-red cameras Cheap Bartosz Kapustka Jersey , and others. Dome security cameras in India are the most seen! But for specialized use, you may consider other options, as well. If the above factors are considered before installing a CCTV dome camera in India Cheap Andy King Jersey , you may reap more benefits.

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