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Search Engines Walter Payton Hat

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Search Engines and Why They Act

Search Engines Walter Payton Hat , I’ll at intervals make reference to them as SE, are distinctive sites on the Web that are meant to aid people find information saved on other sites. There are differences in the methods several Search Engines operate, but they all perform three basic tasks:

They search the Internet – or select pieces of the Internet – based on important words,

They keep an index of the words they discover, and where they find them, and

They give permission to users to look for words or combinations of words found in that index.

The first Search Engines held an index of a few hundred thousand pages and documents Kevin White Hat , and got maybe one or two thousand inquiries each day. Today, a top Search Engine will index hundreds of millions of pages, and give answers to tens of millions of queries per day.

Before a Search Engine can brief you where a file or document is, it must be located. To come up with information on the hundreds of millions of Web pages that exist, a Search Engine employs special software robots, called spiders Adam Shaheen Hat , to build lists of the words located on Web sites.

When a spider is building its lists, the procedure is called web crawling.

In order to build and manage an useful list of words, a SE’s spiders have to look at a lot of pages. How does any spider begin its travels over the Web? The usual starting points are lists of heavily used servers and very well-liked pages. The spider will begin with a familiar site, indexing the words on its pages and following every link found within the site. In this way, the spidering system quickly begins to travel, spreading out across the most widely used portions of the Web.

As soon as the spiders have finished the job or chore of finding intelligence on Web pages Eddie Goldman Hat , the Search Engine must manage the information in a way that makes it useful. There are two primary components involved in making the gathered data accessible to users:

The advice stored with the data, and

The process by which the intelligence is indexed.

In the simplest case, SEs could just hold the word and the URL where it was found. In reality, this would make for an engine of minimal use, since there would be no way of knowing whether the word was used in an important or a trivial way on the page, whether or not the word was used once or many times or whether the page contained links to further pages containing the word. In other words Cody Whitehair Hat , there would be no way of constructing the ranking list that tries to present the most useful pages at the top of the list of search results.

To make for more useful results, most Search Engines hold more than just the word and URL. The SE might store the amount of times that the word displays on a page. The engine might assign a weight to each entry, with increasing values appointed to words as they appear near the top of the document, in sub-headings, in links, in the META tags or in the title of the page. Each commercial Search Engine has a different technique for assigning weight to the words in its index. This is one of the reasons that a search for the same word on distinctive Search Engines will produce different lists Leonard Floyd Hat , with the pages presented in different orders.

An index has a single objective: it allows data to be found as swiftly as possible. There are quite a few ways for an index to be built, but one of the most efficient methods is to build a hash table. In hashing, a formula is applied to attach a numerical value to each word.

The way is intended to evenly distribute the entries across a predetermined number of divisions. This numerical distribution is different from the distribution of words across the alphabet, and that is the code to a hash table’s effectiveness.

When a person requests a search on a keyword or phrase, the Search Engine software searches the index for related intelligence. The software then provides a report back to the searcher with the most relevant web pages listed first.

End of part one of this article seo series look out for part two.

I’ll also cover more information about search engines in detail in future articles and videos

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